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With the Gutenberg project’s Block Editor interface getting better at each interation, plugins ecosystem around it expanding very fast. Now, there are many Block Editor based builder plugins that come with a big collection of blocks and features suitable to build any kind of website, from simple to advanced functionality.

1. Popular Block Builder Plugins

  • Spectra Pro – With the advent of the Block Editor, it was launched as a free plugin “Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg”, and accumulated a lot of users. Recently, it was rebranded to ‘Spectra’ and the Pro version was launched with many more features ideal for building a complete website of any niche.
  • Kadence Blocks – It was one of the first movers among the block based builders with their free version. They expanded to Kadence Blocks Pro which is hugely popular among users along with their pre-made design library and Kadence Cloud solution to store layouts online in the cloud.
  • Generate Blocks – With the success of GeneratePress Theme, Tom Usborne started Generate Blocks as a builder companion to the theme. With the underlying principle of simplicity and lightweight – it has a free version and pro version with pattern library, effects, and more.
  • Stackable – It also started in the early days of the block editor and has been getting more features rich ever since. It has a free version and the pro version expands to design templates, dynamic content output, conditional display, and more. It is ideal for both beginners and agency owners.

2. Emerging Block Builder Plugins

  • Essential Blocks – From the WPDeveloper team, the free version has over 100K+ installs. The pro version add to 45+ total number of blocks for building websites.
  • Qi Blocks – It promises to make it easy building websites on the block editor with free version containing 48 blocks and the pro version with over 33 blocks extending functionality.
  • Qubely – From the team at themeum, the free version is feature rich. The pro version has 14 pro blocks allowing you to create more custom designed websites.
  • Cwicly – A design and block toolkit that integrates directly with the WordPress editor. It promises a new way to build websites on the block editor with dev focused features.
  • The Plus Blocks – The team at POSIMYTH has created this block builder with the pro version containing over 85+ blocks. It also has a free version with a good number of features.
  • Otter Blocks – From the team at ThemeIsle, the free version of Otter Blocks has 22+ blocks, custom CSS, animations, and visibility condition features. The Pro version is more feature with Lottie animation, flip block, and more.

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  • Gutentor – This includes a lot of blocks for almost every feature a WordPress website would need. It has a popular free version and also pro version with more features.
  • Getwid – It consists of a collection of 40+ Gutenberg blocks and a template library for allowing a quick website design start. The free version has a good number of installs.
  • Ultimate Blocks – It comes with 20+ blocks allowing easy website building on the block editor. It has a free version and pro version with more features.

3. Niche Focused Block Builder Plugins

  • Gutenberg Hub (Individual Blocks) – It offers individual blocks with each having a specific set of features. You also access them individually or all block addons via all access plan.
  • CrocoBlock (Dynamic Data) – Themecore comes with theme builder for block editor users. It allows you to easily fetch, query, and display various types of dynamic data.
  • Toolset Blocks (Dynamic Content) – It is a visual builder for dynamic content with library of dynamic blocks for creating directory, membership and eCommerce websites.
  • PublishPress Blocks (Content Focused) – It allows finer control with 24 layout options, sliders, buttons, icons, image galleries, maps, tabs, testimonials, accordions, and more.
  • PostX (Content Layouts) – A block collection focused on content layouts for websites, magazing layouts with blog, post grids, dynamic content, and much more.
  • GreenShift (Animations) – It is a unique offering that allow building of websites with cool animation and design. It has a free version and a pro version with query, SEO addons.
  • Blockstudio (Custom Blocks) – A developer focused plugin for creating custom and production-ready PHP blocks with various field types. It supports ACF and MetaBox.
  • ACF Blocks Suite (Build on ACF) – A collection of blocks built on the top of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Requires the pro version of the ACF plugin.
  • CodeMirror Blocks (Displaying Code) – Powered by the CodeMirror library, it allows you to display code in a neat manner using any of the available themes.
  • Structured Content (Schema) – It allows you to add content boxes with JSON-LD microdata output according to schema .org like FAQs, jobs, and so on.

4. More Block Builder Plugins

  • Editor Plus – It is a free blocks library and toolkit that extends block functionality with more features.
  • CoBlocks – It was acquired by GoDaddy and is completely free and updated regularly, containing various blocks.
  • Genesis Blocks – A collection of blocks along with library of page sections and full-page layouts.
  • Radius Blocks – It consists of over 40+ block options, as of now it only has the free version.
  • Premium Blocks – From the team at Leap12, it contains various block modules.
  • WooCommerce Blocks – To explore new block features before added to the WooCommerce core.
  • GutenBee – A collection of blocks that extend block editor features – free version only for now.
  • Ghost Kit – It features a collection of Gutenberg Blocks, Templates, and Extensions.

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Start Here
  • Blocks Kit – A collection of 10+ Gutenberg blocks for building layouts in block editor.
  • Twentig – It extends the block editor with more settings and options for building custom layouts.
  • BlockArt – A collection of blocks for the Block Editor including layout sections and template library.

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