Plugins Weekly 04 – Emojis & CSS Animations

Want to add currency symbols, emojis, or arrows in your content while in the block editor? And, how about spicing up it further by adding optimized CSS-based animation effects? Bonus: Switching Admin Bar to the bottom of the screen.

Adding Emojis & Symbols in Block Editor

Add Special Characters (read more) is a free plugin from the 10up team that makes it super easy to add special characters and symbols to your content while in the Block Editor. You can add symbols for math, currency, punctuation, greek, latin, arrows, music, games, and emojis.

insert special characters settings box

Adding Motion to your Block content

MotionMagic (read more) is a super simple plugin that makes it easy to add hover, click and scroll CSS animation effects to your content within the block editor.

Bonus: Move the Admin Bar to bottom

Bottom Admin Toolbar (read more) is a small plugin that switches your WordPress Admin Bar from the top to the bottom of the screen. It also lets you hide the admin bar with a quick keyboard shortcut. Useful when building layouts with sticky headers!

Latest Plugins Buzz

  • Bricks Builder: Structeezy plugin to save, and share structures.
  • Social Ninja Plugin: Save and serve Instagram images locally.
  • Barn2: The new owner of the WooCommerce Product Tabs.

Deal of the Week

Get up to $150 off on the NotificationX plugin from the WPDeveloper team for adding pop-ups and email marketing features to your website.

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