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Admin Columns, Block Visibility, Polylang, WP Rocket, WP Umbrella

Alex launched the WPMarmite blog back in 2011 to share its WP knowledge to the French speaking WordPress community. Originally, the goal of the blog was to help as many people as possible find the perfect theme.

In 2014, due to reader requests, the editorial line expanded to cover WordPress in many ways. Over time, WPMarmite has become an essential resource. It offers tutorials, reviews and also videos. Then, WPMarmite went global to serve the entire WordPress community.

Other WP related websites were launched, such as WPTurbo (WordPress code snippets generation) & BeautifulPress (WordPress website gallery). Also, Alex co-founded WPChef (a French WordPress training company) and WPSitter (a WordPress maintenance & support company).

1. Admin Columns

Admin Columns is the plugin I recommend all the time for websites that handle a lot of content. It brings clarity in the WordPress list tables view by displaying the data/content you need. More than that, Admin Columns let users sort and edit that content without going to the edit screen.

This plugin helps me improve the efficiency of my website management by allowing me to easily add, remove, and rearrange columns for various post types, including custom fields. It’s a game changer! It saves us hours each month.

2. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a top caching plugin for WordPress websites. I chose it because it’s user-friendly and optimizes website performance effortlessly. It speeds up my site, improves user experience, and boosts conversions. I use it since the early days and I renew my subscription with great pleasure each year.

3. Block Visibility

Block Visibility is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to easily control the visibility of blocks on your website. I chose this plugin because of its simplicity and effectiveness in managing block visibility. It helps me optimize the user experience by showing or hiding specific blocks based on various conditions.

I have not found any other plugin that offers similar functionality with such ease of use. The cherry on the cake is that Nick Diego (the developer) made the Pro version available for free. So there’s no excuse to install it on any website!

4. Polylang

Polylang is a versatile WordPress plugin that I chose for its ability to easily create multilingual websites. This plugin helps me expand WPMarmite to a new audience by allowing me to serve my content in English. With Polylang, I can effortlessly manage and display translated versions of my blog, ensuring a seamless experience for users across different regions. The plugin’s features follow WordPress best practices, making it the perfect choice for creating a multilingual website without any hassle.

5. WP Umbrella

WP Umbrella is a reliable WordPress plugin that I work with to update and monitor my websites. This service helps me maintain the stability and security of my websites by providing real-time monitoring for uptime, performance, and security issues.

With WP Umbrella, I can easily track and address any potential problems before they impact the user experience. I’m still using ManageWP for some websites but WP Umbrella ship new features every month, making it more competitive in the WordPress website management landscape.

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