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bbPress, Email Log, Paid Memberships Pro, Sitewide Sales, Two Factor

I’m co-founder of Paid Memberships Pro. It is a complete solution to secure your content and create a seamless membership experience on WordPress.

With over 28 ways to protect content, advanced membership management, and built-in recurring payment gateways, we provide you with everything you need to create an efficient and user-friendly membership site.

1. Paid Memberships Pro

I feel awkward putting my own plugin first, but since we actually use our plugin to sell our plugin, I just had to. Paid Memberships Pro helps us create a paywalled content site for all of our free documentation.

We have a free user signup, which brings all of our audience into our email list and marketing channels. We also use PMPro (of course) to sell our paid subscriptions, which include more Add Ons and extensive technical support.

2. Email Log

Email Log helps our membership site know who is receiving what emails. Is our support system properly notifying members when a new reply is posted? Is our recurring billing system powered by PMPro properly altering members of failed payments, renewals processed, expirations, and more?

I love having this secondary proof that all systems are working properly.

3. bbPress

While so many other product teams are paying a fortune for HelpScout, we’ve developed a totally private support area inside our WordPress website using the bbPress plugin and custom code. We chose bbPress because we wanted our support area to live inside our site – its super fast for our team to reference documentation without having to open a bunch of separate tools or web pages.

Plus, our entire user and member management system is inside WordPress, too. So creating reports and pull user data into their private bbPress tickets is a breeze.

4. Sitewide Sales

We’re also the authors of this one – you can find it on GitHub. We’ve used Sitewide Sales plugin to run all of our flash sales (about 4 per year, including Black Friday/Cyber Monday) for the past 4 years. I love that I can find a history of all the sales we’ve run, how they performed, what the sale timeframe and discount was, all right inside my WordPress site.

Plus, since we use PMPro on our own site, I know that Sitewide Sales is hiding the sale banners and coupons from existing premium members.

5. Two Factor

We tested several plugins for 2FA and found that this free option, Two Factor plugin, was the most lightweight and straightforward to configure. Our whole team uses a secondary authentication method to access our support area, WordPress admin, and member data.

It offers multiple methods to set up 2FA, so if you don’t have access to your phone’s Authenticator app, you can also confirm your login via email and more. Love it.

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