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Cloudflare, Newsletter Glue, Redirection, Thrive Theme, TinyPNG

I’m the co-founder of Newsletter Glue. A WordPress plugin that helps newsrooms and media companies cut their newsletter publishing time in half by publishing newsletters directly in the WordPress editor.

I’ve found the WordPress community incredibly welcoming and helpful. And am so glad to be a part of it. I enjoy discussing the business of WordPress plugins as well as the open-source side of things.

1. Thrive Themes for the website build

Here’s a secret… Our whole site is built using Thrive Themes! I know many people dislike the heavy code that page builders produce but, at the end of the day, it’s much faster and more flexible to build a site this way and it allows me to make changes quickly.

Thrive Themes suite has a wide range of tools, but we use Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Architect, and Thrive Leads.

2. Cloudflare for caching

We use Cloudflare for caching. It makes our life super easy, it’s cheap ($5/month), and there’s a free WordPress plugin you can install to manage simple things from inside the WP admin.

3. TinyPNG for image optimization

TinyPNG is image compression software (WordPress Plugin). Whenever you upload a new image, it compresses the image for you in the background. The quality is great, and the compression is relatively fast.

4. Redirection for redirects handling

I love the redirection plugin. It lets me keep track of and maintain all the different redirects on my site. For example, I’m pretty absent-minded. So I often publish articles without cleaning up the slug – meaning the slug is the full article name. Once I realize my mistake, I go back in and change it to something simpler.

Without the redirection plugin, anyone that goes to the original article URL would simply be met with a 404. Really bad! With the redirection plugin, it catches the change and automatically creates the redirection for me in the background. So I don’t even have to think about it.

5. Newsletter Glue, my creation!

Of course, I have to mention my own plugin! We use Newsletter Glue for our monthly product update newsletter. Once we set it up, it’s super easy to use and gives us a beautiful newsletter archive which you can check out here: https://newsletterglue.com/blog/newsletter/archive

I love the time saving features the most. Once you connect your existing email service provider (like Mailchimp, Active Campaign etc) to Newsletter Glue. You can simply write newsletters the way you write articles. If you spend most of your time in WordPress already, you can see how this is a big time saver.

Since our product is targeted at publishers, I thought I’d end off with how Newsletter Glue helps them (instead of me! 🤣). Publishers consistently tell us they save hours per newsletter, which lets them:

  1. Grow their newsletter offerings
  2. Focus on content quality
  3. Onboard new writers very quickly
  4. Conduct more experiments
  5. Monetize their newsletters better

Plugins that run Newsletter Glue website

I tried to share some of the more interesting plugins that I use. But I also wanted to mention some of the other plugins I use to run Newsletter Glue:

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