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Beaver Builder, Gravity Forms, MainWP, Pods, WPVivid

Ryan Waterbury founded One Dog Solutions, a small agency that specializes in providing online solutions for small businesses. With a comprehensive range of services including web development, design, SEO, and targeted digital ad campaigns, One Dog Solutions is the go-to destination for small to mid-sized businesses seeking a trusted partner in marketing and digital communications.

1. Beaver Builder

I started using Beaver Builder in 2017 shortly before the release of Beaver Themer. What a game changer for designing and displaying dynamic data. It’s still best in class for clean code, dynamic data capabilities and it’s easily extendable for adding your own code when you need to.

2. Pods

Pods has become an indispensable addition to our suite of tools. Adding custom post types, bidirectional relationships and the ability to extend Users with extra meta fields helps cut down on development time to deliver unique and dynamic solutions. The integrations with Gravity Forms and Bever Builder are top-notch as well!

3. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms, one of the earliest and still the best forms plugin out there IMHO. The large 3rd party add-on pool makes it easy to do just about anything you need to with Gravity Forms. If there isn’t an add-on already for your particular use case, there’s probable a hook to use to develop your own solution.

4. MainWP

As an agency, we offer Web Care for all the sites that are developed in house, and also by other agencies. MainWP makes management of a large number of WordPress sites easy from a centralized dashboard. Couldn’t live without it!

5. WPVivid

It never hurts to have a backup. One isn’t always enough. WPVivid helps us with website migrations, backups and restores. Daily, and sometimes hourly incremental backups to several cloud locations and a local RAID make sure that we’re covered in the case of a website failure, and need to restore in a hurry.

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