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Better Search Replace, Duplicator, Elementor, LiteSpeed Cache, Rank Math

I’m a co-founder at Cool Plugins, which we started in July 2016. Our WordPress journey began with the launch of our first plugin, Cool Timeline, on plugins directory. Our primary focus has always been the development of micro-niche plugins and addon solutions for some famous WordPress plugins.

So far, we have developed many addons for The Events Calendar, automatic translation addon for Loco Translate & TranslatePress, Timeline addon for Elementor and some cryptocurrency plugins. Here I’m sharing some of the plugins that I commonly use in most websites developed or managed by me.

1. Elementor

I’ve been using Elementor, along with its Pro version, in 100% of my personal and client websites for the past 2 years. Before this, I used Avada and Enfold themes.

What I love most is that now, as a front-end developer, I don’t need to rely on pre-made templates or themes. With features like Loop Builder and any post-type template builder, I can design anything uniquely based on my own design ideas without hiring a developer.

2. Rank Math SEO

The free version of Rank Math has everything you need for on-page SEO within your website. Previously, Yoast was my favorite, but after comparing the features and simplicity of Rank Math, I replaced it in all of my websites.

Secret Tip: Try using Google Instant Indexing API within the Rank Math plugin. It helps to quickly index all the pages of your newly built website on search engines.

3. LiteSpeed Cache

Given my preference for LiteSpeed hosting, I commonly install the LiteSpeed Cache plugin within my websites. This allows me to maximize performance and improve the overall speed of my websites.

Secret Tip: Activate QUIC .cloud or Cloudflare CDN and use it along with Litespeed Cache plugin to maximize your website perfomance by caching and distributing your website’s assets (images, scripts, stylesheets, etc.) via CDN servers.

4. Duplicator

I usually develop my websites locally, and I always use Duplicator to move them from my local environment to live servers. In my opinion, it’s the easiest and best migration tool. It provides a simple installer and a zip file that can be installed on your blank server with just a few clicks.

Secret Tip: If you use the Duplicator plugin to migrate your website and want to replace some text or URL during migration, it’s a pro feature within Duplicator. However, if you use the Better Search Replace plugin, you can achieve the same without any cost.

5. Better Search Replace

When migrating sites and changing domains, you need to replace text and urls on many pages inside your site. Manually it is a huge task if you have 100+ pages website. So, I use Better Search Replace plugin by WP Engine. It enables you to replace text or URLs throughout your website with a single click.

Secret Tip: Elementor, which saves page content in a serialized PHP array format, direct URL replacement using the Better Search Replace plugin will not work. In such cases, you need to search for URLs like this – [http:\/\/] and replace in similar structure – [https:\/\/] (Ignore square brackets and make changes carefully because a wrong change can make your website inaccessible.)

More Useful Plugins

There are more helpful tools that one must try to easily manage a WordPress website:

Query Monitor – Best for developers, Query Monitor lets you see which scripts and database queries are loading on specific pages. If you’re dealing with a plugin that loads scripts and sends numerous database queries, using Query Monitor is essential. This allows you to optimize your plugin code and prevent it from loading on unnecessary pages.

Quick Featured Images – If you have the task of editing featured images for hundreds of blog posts or pages, this plugin is a must-try.

Post Types Order – This plugin helps me arrange posts of any post type in the order that’s visually pleasing and organized.

User Role Editor – It’s particularly handy when you want to hide WooCommerce sales reports from specific team members who have limited authorization to view admin-side data.

For WooCommerce Websites: If I create a WooCommerce website, I mostly use following plugins:

Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce – Do you want to adjust fields on the checkout page, this plugin makes it easy.

PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce – This plugin is best solution for generating and attaching PDF invoices within order emails.

WooCommerce Order Test – A good plugin for testing WooCommerce checkout using a test payment gateway.

Product Customer List for WooCommerce – Easily export a list of all customers who purchased a specific product from your store.

Elite Licenser – We manage our plugins store using WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions. For plugin license management and auto-updates, we utilize Elite Licenser.

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