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My WordPress Plugins Stack. . .
ACF, Builderius, Cloudflare, Polylang, Slim SEO

I’m a co-creator of Builderius WordPress plugin – a tremendously flexible site builder with built-in support of GraphQL, versioning system and staging. Additionally I am CTO of one web agency and WordPress consultant-freelancer.

1. ACF

ACF is the first plugin for custom fields that I have tried many many years ago. It remains my preferred one. Especially now when it allows registering CPT/Taxonomy. More functionality, more joy! My clients are also familiar with the UI, so they can manage content easily.

2. Builderius

Obviously, I am using this my product for creating web sites as much as possible. This site builder is flexible, it is feature rich. Previously, I would create a custom theme because that way I have the best control over displaying dynamic data.

Now I just use Builderius and have the same level of control over dynamic data, but without needs of setting up transpiler, bundler etc. Using the site builder helps me to increase my productivity, there is a massive boost in this area!

3. Polylang

The majority of sites I am creating are multilingual. So I am using Polylang for this purpose. Somehow it is always enough of free version of this plugin.

4. Slim SEO

I really like the Slim SEO plugin as it adds only essential SEO related fields and settings. Focus on performance and effectiveness.

5. Cloudflare

I use the Cloudflare plugin for caching. There might be additional hosting specific caching solutions, but this one helps me everytime. Also I use Cloudflare in general for adding a layer of security and reliability.

More Information

Whenever it comes to an e-commerce project – WooCommerce is my way to go. I did not mention it in my list of top 5 plugins because e-commerce sites happen not so often. But it definitely deserves to be mentioned as a robust and comprehensive solution for online stores on WordPress.

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