List of 100% free WordPress Plugins which are new in the official plugins directory or recently released by independent WordPress plugin developers on their own websites.

WP Query Execution Time plugin icon

WP Query Execution Time

An easy way to check and measure the execution time of a specific WP_Query and log it to the browser console.

Attachment Taxonomies plugin icon

Attachment Taxonomies

Assign category and tag to uploaded photos in your WordPress dashboard for easy media organization with the Attachment Taxonomies plugin.

fluent comments plugin

Fluent Comments

Make the default WordPress comment form more beautiful and user friendly with better interface and hide name and email ID fields till a comment is typed.

fewer tags plugin icon

Fewer Tags

Stop generating of tag page URLs and redirect to homepage for tags which are assigned to less number of posts on WordPress website.

Plugin Check Icon

Plugin Check

Automatically test your plugin to ensure it is up to the required standards from the Plugin Review team before submission into Plugins directory.

migrate store woocommerce plugin icon


An easy, quick and automatic way of transferring WooCommerce store settings to a different website with WooCommerce install with the MigrateStore plugin.

Enable Media Replace plugin icon

Enable Media Replace

Do you want to replace an existing image on your WordPress website automatically? There is no need to manually delete an existing image and then upload a new one – instead, replace it directly.

WP Downgrade Icon

WP Downgrade

Is the latest WordPress version causing issues? There is a way to downgrade and install the previous stable version of WordPress to fix problems or conflicts.