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Attachment Taxonomies

Assign category and tag to uploaded photos in your WordPress dashboard for easy media organization with the Attachment Taxonomies plugin.

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    Category and Tag option for Media

    The WordPress website media library can become unmanageable, with many images uploaded over time. One way to organize the media library is by assigning each photo a specific category or tag. After you install and activate the Attachment Taxonomies plugin by Felix Arntz, you will see two new options “Categories” and “Tags”, under the “Media” section in the sidebar.

    Attachment Taxonomies tags category screen

    Assign Category or Tag to Photos

    Click on any uploaded image within the media library in your WordPress dashboard. You will see a list of categories and tags available. Select any category and tag for a specific image.

    Attachment Taxonomies assign tags categories

    You can go to the categories option under the Media section to view all photos tagged with a specific category. Also, you can display images with a specific tag or category in the front end with a custom shortcode. A simple and neat way to organize photos within your WordPress dashboard.

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