Edit Author Slug Plugin

Edit Author Slug

Change the default author URL slug to something more user-friendly and easy to remember. One of my favorite plugins for this quick and important change - especially when starting a new website project.

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  • Developer: Brandon Allen
  • License: Free
  • Plugin Category: Dashboard

    Edit the name in the author URL slug

    Let’s understand with an example. You make a new admin user account on a WordPress website with the username “Apple”. So, your default author URL slug will be domainDOTcom/author/apple

    With this plugin, you can change “apple” in the URL slug to anything of your choice. Say you select ‘newname’ in the setting, then your new author URL slug will be domainDOTcom/author/newname

    Edit Author Slug Settings

    Use it once and then deactivate the plugin

    You don’t keep this plugin active on your website forever. Once you install and activate this plugin, go to “Users” > “All Users”. Then click on the specific user listed there and look for ‘Edit Author Slug’ section at the bottom. Change the author slug and save changed. Then you can deactivate and even deleted this plugin (your changes will remain intact).

    Note the exception: Besides changing the author URL slug, this plugin allows you to change the base slug “author” (Like here domainDOTcom/author/apple) from Settings > Edit Author Slug. If you are changing “author” to something else, then you need to keep the plugin active.