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Enable Media Replace

Do you want to replace an existing image on your WordPress website automatically? There is no need to manually delete an existing image and then upload a new one - instead, replace it directly.

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  • License: Free
  • Plugin Category: Media

    Replace any uploaded image file automatically

    Enable Media Replace plugin allows you to bypass the manual process of deleting an image and then uploading the new image. Once you install and activate this plugin, go to Media > Library. Then, click on a specific image to open the attachment details. Then click the ‘Upload a new file’ button next to the ‘Replace media’ section.

    Enable Media Replace image file url

    Then, you will get the option to replace an existing file with the current file. Also, there is an option to replace an existing file with a new file name and further automatically update image file URLs throughout your website.

    Bonus: Remove the image background

    It also provides an option to remove background from any image within the WordPress dashboard. The result is quick and good as well.

    Enable Media Replace image background

    You can make the background of an image transparent or choose any solid background color of your choice. A very handy plugin from the Shortpixel team.