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Fewer Tags

Stop generating of tag page URLs and redirect to homepage for tags which are assigned to less number of posts on WordPress website.

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  • Plugin Category: Dashboard, Utility

    Tags can become messy very soon

    Tags is a useful feature for organizing posts content but can become very messy over time with a lot of tags assigned to various posts. By default, every tag will have own page URL as soon you create and assign to a blog post.

    Disable and control Tags page generation

    You can easily tame tags on your WordPress website with a free handy Fewer Tags plugin by Joost de Valk (Founder of Yoast SEO). On the GitHub page, click Code button and then Download ZIP. Then go to Plugins > Add new and upload this plugin zip.

    fewer tags plugin settings

    Activate this plugin and then go to Settings > Reading and look for “Fewer tags settings” section at the bottom. Enter the number of posts a tag must be assigned to make that tag’s page URL live on the website.

    So, if you enter 10 – then tags assigned to posts fewer than 10 will be redirected to the homepage. They won’t show in the tag listing and also are not linked in Yoast SEO-generated XML sitemaps.

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