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Fluent Comments

Make the default WordPress comment form more beautiful and user friendly with better interface and hide name and email ID fields till a comment is typed.

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  • License: Free
  • Plugin Category: Dashboard

    Better looking Comment Form on WordPress

    The comment form in WordPress hasn’t evolved much over the years. Fluent Comments is a free plugin (will always remain free) that makes your default comment form more beautiful and user friendly.

    Before and After Comparison

    Instead of all fields taking so much real estate of the website, it switches the comment to a neat comment box only. The name and email ID fields appear as soon as you start to type the comment.

    fluent comments form before and after comparison

    It features AJAX powered real-time comments and spam protection with advanced cryptographic mechanisms. After you install the plugin, just activate it – there is no setting screen for configuration.

    Please note: This does not work with FSE (Full Site Editing) themes as of now.

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