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Generate Random Orders For WooCommerce

Have you created a new WooCommerce store and now looking for dummy or demo product order data to test the store functionality? Here is a super easy way to generate such order data.

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  • License: Free
  • Plugin Category: WooCommerce

    Generate dummy WooCommerce orders data

    Once you install the “Generate Random Orders For WooCommerce” plugin, go to WooCommerce > Random Orders. Select the number of orders you need for the test data population and click the generate button.

    Generate Random Orders WooCommerce Settings Options

    Preview automatically generated orders data

    After the process is over, go to WooCommerce > Orders to see the dummy WooCommerce products order data that was generated by this plugin.

    Generate Random Orders WooCommerce Orders Data

    It creates order data of different types like pending payments, processing, completed, and refunds. A handy plugin for WooCommerce website developers.