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Insert Special Characters

Want to add special characters like currency symbols, emoji, punctuation, math icons, or arrows within your post content while writing in the Block Editor? Here is a super easy way.

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  • Developer: 10up
  • License: Free
  • Plugin Category: Block Editor, Content

    Select & Insert Characters in Block Editor

    No need to manually copy symbols and characters from third-party websites and then pasting in the Block Editor. Insert Special Characters plugin from 10up makes it super easy to add special characters for: math, currency, punctuation, greek, latin, arrows, music, games, and emojis.

    insert special characters settings box

    Once you install the plugin, you are all set – there is no setting. Just open the block editor and add a paragraph text block. Then click on the special character button on the toolbar or use the ctrl/cmd + o keyboard shortcut to add a special character to your post content.