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An easy, quick and automatic way of transferring WooCommerce store settings to a different website with WooCommerce install with the MigrateStore plugin.

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  • License: Free
  • Plugin Category: WooCommerce

    Automatic migration of WooCommerce store settings

    WooCommerce store has a lot of settings for various things. Trying to manually match settings between two different installs can be time consuming and overwhelming process.

    The MigrateStore plugin by Ahmed Mohammed Nagdy makes this process super easy. It allows you to select specific set of settings and export into a zip file. Just import that file using the import screen provided in this plugin for transferring WooCommerce store settings.

    Export Options for WooCommerce Migration

    migrate store woocommerce export import settings

    General Settings
    Export WooCommerce general settings. Found at WooCommerce → Settings → General page.

    Tax Options
    Export WooCommerce tax options. Found at WooCommerce → Settings → Tax.

    Shipping Zones
    Export WooCommerce shipping zones. This will export WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Zones. Including the Zones, the locations and the default shipping methods (Flat Rate, Free Shipping, and Local Pickup).

    Shipping Options
    Export WooCommerce shipping options. Found at WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Shipping options.

    Accounts & Privacy Options
    Export WooCommerce accounts and privacy options. Found at WooCommerce → Settings → Accounts & Privacy.

    Emails Options
    Export WooCommerce default emails options. This includes the email sender options, email template, and the email options for all default WooCommerce emails such as New order, Cancelled order, etc. Found at WooCommerce → Settings → Emails.

    Endpoints Options
    Export WooCommerce endpoints options. Found at WooCommerce → Settings → Advanced.

    It should be noted that MigrateStore plugin does not migrate products, orders, or other WordPress settings. It is meant to migrate WooCommerce settings only.