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Pro Listing

Promote your WordPress plugins in the community by adding more text descriptions, product screenshots, and embed a video on your plugin listing page by Upgrading to PRO listing. It would enable more visibility for your plugin to website visitors, search engine queries, and social networks.

What does this involve?

The Pro listing costs $300 USD per plugin, a one-time fee for the lifetime listing. For two or more plugins from the same publisher, price is $250 per plugin.

  • The Pro listing will still use the affiliate link as the outgoing link - if the affiliate program is available for the plugin in question.
  • Only two links allowed, one for the free version (follow link), and paid version (nofollow link).
  • You can edit listing content once in the first year. Optionally, if you wish to edit listing after the period of one year, a $50 per edit cycle will be charged.
  • The listing price is a one-time fee for the lifetime listing on this website. There is no refund option; use discretion.
  • The provided content should be unique and not a copy-paste from the official website. It may contain up to 3000 words, screenshots, and video embed.
  • You can share the Pro listing content for publishing on this website in the form of a Google Docs file via email.

How to proceed with this?

Use the following form to submit your plugin information. Note: All submissions are subject to review for inclusion for the Pro listing.

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